The Exhibition is an essential element of the WSCs, also in this first-ever virtual WSC.

Our Virtual Exhibition will have its own area on the virtual platform of the Congress, where delegates will be invited to browse, download content and talk with the Exhibitors.
The ISI WSC 2021 Exhibitors - companies and organisations - will have a virtual booth to customize with their branding and content, such as videos, images, and PDFs.
Lots of interesting material to watch and read will be gathered in the Exhibition Booths!

Their representative(s) will manage the booth during WSC days/times (considering the different time zones worldwide) and will be available to make appointments and chat with attendees.
Connect with our Exhibitors to learn more about their products, services, and resources! 

The Exhibition will run from Monday 5 July (the day that attendees will get access to the virtual platform) up to the last day of the congress, Friday 16 July, and it will stay online and accessible for another 30 days after the end of the WSC. 

Our Exhibitors:

Booth No 1:

ISI & WSC 2023 - Ottawa

Booth No 2:

Statistics Netherlands


Booth No 3:


Booth No 4:



Booth No 5:



Booth No 6:



Booth No 7: