The following formats and timings apply to Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) and Contributed Paper/Poster Sessions (CPS) of the 63rd WSC.

Invited Paper Sessions

Session organisers have been informed about the SPC decision for their Invited Paper Session (IPS). Every effort has been made to provide as many slots as possible. The scheduling of the IPS’s is now final. It is not possible to deviate from the allocated timeslot.

The session organiser is responsible for organizing the session with the speakers in the allocated time slot and with the time available for the session (60 or 90 minutes) including time for the chair introducing and Q&A. See also the Guidelines for Live and Non-Live IPS.

Sessions organisers have the flexibility to organize their session within the given time slot. Here are suggestions for organizing your session within the time and session type assigned to your IPS:


Invited Paper Sessions (IPS): Length and Number of Speakers

·         IPS (90 minutes long) might either have

·         IPS (60 minutes long) might have two speakers (30 min per talk) or three speakers (20 min per talk) including Q&A.

·         IPS Panel sessions are also possible (60 min or 90 min).


IPS: Session Formats

An IPS can be completely pre-recorded or live streamed. All the presentations in the live streamed sessions must also be pre-recorded to ensure that the presentation can continue in the event of technical issues. The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) decides the format of the sessions and has informed the organisers. If a speaker cannot be present during the allotted date/time for the session, his/her presentation will only be available in the pre-recorded format.

An IPS will have one of the following formats:

  1. Invited Paper Session Live: Presentations by Speakers, Discussant(s) and Q&A
    Either full broadcast quality or self-managed rooms. The virtual platform provider, Worldspan, will contact the organisers about the set-up.
    Option for this type of session: Inverted class room (see below)
    Session length: 60 or 90 minutes
  2. Invited Paper Session Live - Panel Discussion all live with Q&A
    Session length: 60 or 90 minutes
  3. Invited Paper Session Non-Live/Pre-recorded with delegates being able to send questions to the speakers on the platform. The paper presenters can respond to questions later.
    Session length: 60 minutes


For live-streamed sessions, there is a second format possible: an inverted session where the audience is asked to view the talks before the scheduled session time and come to the session ready to discuss the content and presentations in the session. Inverted sessions will be released one week before the WSC. In the live part of an inverted session, speakers may present a one slide summary of their longer talks to help prime the discussion. Organisers of live-streamed sessions will have the opportunity to opt for this model or the traditional model.


Contributed Paper Sessions (CPS) and Posters

A Contributed Paper presentation can be maximum 10 minutes. This is pre-recorded with delegates being able to send questions to the speakers on the platform. The paper presenters can respond to questions later. The Contributed Paper presentations will be combined in CPS sessions (no chair). Session length: 60 minutes. The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) allocates the presentation to a session.

A Poster Presentation is using the required format provided by the congress platform. This will be provided to you.


Session Timing

Live-streamed sessions will last 60 minutes from 14:00-15:00 or 90 minutes from 15:00-16:30 in different time zones each day so that as many participants as possible can be involved in the WSC. Please see our Programme-at-a-glance for the full schedule.