The guidelines on this page apply to Session Organisers, Chairs, Presenters and Discussants.

Please also see Guidelines for IPS Abstracts & Guidelines for (Special) IPS Papers before you submit. Should an IPS organiser need to make amendments to the session description, for example a change in speaker, this will be possible through the same system where proposal(s) were submitted and not through the submission system for abstracts/papers. The system will re-open on 10 May & a link will be provided here.

  1. An organiser can submit more than one IPS.
  2. Each individual can present only one paper as an oral presenter during the 63rd WSC. Exceptions will be granted only in unusual circumstances and requests must be approved by the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC). All requests should be sent to
  3. A co-author of a paper being presented by someone else is not counted as a presenter. Hence it is possible for an individual to be a co-author of multiple papers being presented at the 63rd WSC.
  4. Participation as Discussant is not counted as participation as Presenter.
  5. An individual can serve as a Chair or a Discussant in more than one session provided that there is no scheduling conflict.
  6. Within the same session, any individual, including the Session Organiser, can take up the role of either Presenter or Chair or Discussant, but should not assume any two such roles.
  7. All Organisers, Chairs, Presenters and Discussants of any session must be registered participants of the WSC. Exceptions may be granted to Organisers who are unable to attend, but not to individuals in any of the other roles.