Meet Jennifer Rogers    


We are delighted to announce Jennifer Rogers as our master of ceremonies and are grateful to Jennifer for spending the WSC week with us. Jennifer will be with us from the Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception through until the Closing Ceremony. Delegates will see Jennifer daily just before the live Invited Paper Sessions start to give us the highlights as well as special events of the day. 


About Jennifer Rogers

Prof. Jennifer Rogers is Vice-President for Statistical Research and Consultancy at PHASTAR, moving there in August 2019 from the University of Oxford where she was Director of Statistical Consultancy Services and an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics. She had previously worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Statistics funded by the National Institute of Health Research. She has a special interest in the development and application of novel statistical methodologies, particularly in medicine. Her main area of expertise is the analysis of recurrent events and much of her research has focussed on developing and implementing appropriate methodology for the analysis of repeat hospitalisations in patients with heart failure, but her research has many other applications in medicine such as epilepsy and cancer, but also in retail and engineering. She works alongside other statisticians, clinicians, computer scientists, industry experts and regulators. 

Want to know more about Jennifer? Visit her website.